Aug 28

Getting ready for Spring!

We can often find ourselves feeling heavy and sluggish as we approach the end of winter and there is a very good reason for this. Ayurveda, yoga's sister science and the world's oldest surviving system of healing, shows us that there are three main organising principles in the universe (also known... read more →
Jun 21
Jun 05
May 31

Choose Wisely When It Comes To Whole Grains

Most of us know that eating a diet that’s rich in whole grains is one of the best ways to get fiber, anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can help fight weight gain, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, finding whole-grain foods that live up to their promises can be hard... read more →
May 31

Happy Feet for a Happy Life

How much attention do you pay your feet? If you knew how important your feet are, you might start giving them more attention. In the yoga world, the body is often compared to a tree and the feet and toes the roots which stabilise and nourish the whole body. Just... read more →
May 31

Turning Failure into Success

Most people start to tighten up and become less effective when concerned about failure. However, many of the great and influential lives throughout history have been shaped by what others may perceive as a string of failures. Some important figures include Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and the creator of the... read more →
May 31
May 29

The Healing Power of Yoga

Many studies have documented the health benefits of different aspects of yoga, including mindfulness and meditation. The overwhelming majority of us practice yoga because it makes us feel good in body and mind. Even though most people perceive yoga to be simply about posture and movement, the reality is it’s... read more →


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