Lesson 1 – Motivation, Breath Assessment and Improving Respiratory Tone

Different people will have enrolled in this program for a range of reasons.  There will be those of you who have a particular health challenge and have been inspired to learn more about their breath. There may be athletes who want to improve their performance; yoga practitioners, meditators and martial artists who are keen to understand more about the role of breath in enhancing their practice; people who suffer anxiety, stress or depression who are seeking relief; as well as the average person on the street who may never been very curious about their breath until now. This course is for everyone who wants to live well and enjoy longevity, awaken their full potential, be happy and healthy and enliven immunity and vitality.

Understanding the Full Potential of the Breath

Most people are not using breath potential
As get older we lose tone of respiratory muscles
Diaphragm and heart most important muscles in body
Connection between breathing and direct health benefits and immunity
Huge improvements in state of body and mind by improving the breath patterns