Lesson 7- Consciously redesigning your mind


Bringing balance and harmony through the 5 senses

The state of mind and body is constantly being influenced by the sensory impressions we’re exposed to. As humans, the gateway to balance and harmony within our body, mind, soul, and life itself can be managed through the five senses.


The senses bring into the brain information that are then broken down into signals by the mind to stimulate healing. Our mind shuts down from stress and our senses switch on the brain. This keeps our body energy moving in the direction of healing.


Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound, and Sight are our God given gifts to help heal our bodies. How we use our senses measures the degree of healing power we have.


The path to freedom from anxiety and fear is the path of improving your relationship with yourself and life. When we really reflect deeply on it, we understand that at the heart of all experiences in life is the relationship.