Lesson 5- Understanding Yourself and Identifying the Building Blocks of your Anxiety Pattern

An enquiry to understand your life and the building blocks of anxiety

All the anxiety we experience only arises because there are what we call ‘weeds’ in our psyche. They are the unhelpful patterns that develop as a result of hurtful experiences and disappointment that we haven’t got over with. In this lesson, we will learn to understand the building blocks of anxiety and how our life contributes to its development.


Improving your relationship with yourself and life

The path to freedom from anxiety and fear is the path of improving your relationship with yourself and life. When we really reflect deeply on it, we understand that at the heart of all experiences in life is the relationship.


The source of all fear and fearless living

Fear serves as a purpose to caution us about the consequences of our actions as well as events in our surroundings. When we feel the presence of fear we know to be more alert, to look out and think more carefully about participating in dangerous activities.We want you all to understand the source of all fear and what it’s like to be completely free of it.


Transforming resistance and “no” into embracing and “yes”

One way of understanding the path of overcoming and healing the anxiety and fear is its path of moving from “no” to “yes”. Although turning “no” into “yes” sounds more like a boardroom tactic, knowing how to do so is also helpful for real world problem-solving and can get what you want in the process.