Lesson 4- Relationship with your body and mind

Relationship with your body

In this session, let’s focus on our relationship with our body. We really want to free you from the limitations of anxiety and fear. We will help you recognise that it’s so important to commit to improving your relationship with yourself. That means your relationship with your mind and body.


We’ve been trying to make you understand that our amazing bodies are exquisitely intelligent systems that consistenly give us information that is very relevant to us.


Understanding the mind

Let’s see if we can understand the mind and the many models through time that have given us insights into how it works. We’d like to share with you some key aspects of how the InSync Body Mind Life system use the mind.


Eating for settledness and balance

What we eat and consume has a huge impact on our mind and body. But something else have had a very impact on us and it is how we eat. Before we focus on what to eat when you’re feeling unsettled or suffering from anxiety, let’s focus on the way you eat.