Lesson 3- How we create and clear anxiety

Understanding varieties of anxiety

It would be helpful to understand the range of anxiety. It is even possible that you, or someone you may know, could be struggling with one or more of theses types.

You haven’t always had anxiety

In this session, we’d like to remind you that you haven’t always suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is something that you learned to create. You may not know how it has happened, but it’s a learned response.


The mechanics of creating anxiety and dissolving it

When we feel really good in life, it is because we’re open, connected, and in harmony. When we feel the opposite, it is because we’re close, contracted, and disconnected. At the heart of all experiences, of feeling really good, we’re just in the flow of life. So what really creates anxiety? How did we develop it?


Story to illuminate how freedom from fear overcomes misapprehension

In this section, we’d like to share a story to shed light on how freedom from fear overcomes our misapprehensions. This story has some variations, but I’m going to tell the one that’s relevant for us.