Lesson 2- Effective tools and your personal“why”

Welcome to lesson 2!

Why this program and your personal “why”

To get a full value from this program, you need to have a very clear personal “why”. Ask yourself why you should be doing the program. Your why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.

Introduction to checking the weather

Most of us can accept and be okay with the weather, regardless of the conditions. We realise that we can’t control the weather, even if we don’t want it to be raining. Hence, most of us find a way to adapt to whatever the weather conditions are. Rather than resisting the change or waste your energy getting upset, what you actually need to do is to learn to tune into the weather.



Body mind breath (Bmb) check in

Let’s do a body mind breath check in. We can always do this standing if we’re not able to sit and do it. It’s better to learn it in a sitting position.



Regular InSync Transformative Breath Practice

Before starting the practice, make sure that you are in a comfortable sitting position. Remember to make your back upright. Make sure that your feet is in contact with the support and your knees are aligned. Shoulders should be relaxed and your chest is open.



Anxiety Quiz