Lesson 1- Relax now and the InSync approach

Welcome to Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Program!

We hope that by the end of this program you will be free from anxiety and fear. It is important that you follow each lesson in order since every subsequent lesson builds from the previous one. So when you’re ready, press the play button below and jump right in!

Welcome to the InSync Freedom from Anxiety and Fear program

Have you ever had the experience of struggling in the ocean or in water, fearing that you might drown? That’s what strong anxiety is like. What you want is to get out immediately of the water and to breathe. This program will help give you that kind of immediate relief.



The InSync approach to freedom from anxiety and fear

The InSync approach to freedom from anxiety and fear is based on a simple yet profound understanding of how our mind is constantly creating our experiences in our life.



Can this program help my specific anxiety issues?

You maybe wondering if this specific program can help with your particular anxiety or fear. This program addresses key mechanics of what creates anxiety in any context. Understanding the context can help us target the healing approach. But if we follow the mechanics outlined in this program, you will experience so much benefit regardless of the type of anxiety you suffer from.



Understanding the mind body connection

There’s nothing out there that creates our anxieties. It is always our minds that are responsible for those feelings. It is important that if we want to heal our anxiety quickly and effectively, we need to understand the mind body connection.



Important preliminary information for anxiety First Aid practice

You are about to learn a highly effective technique to give you immediate relief from anxiety or fear in any of its forms.


Anxiety First Aid immediate relief practice

Before starting the practice, make sure that you are in a comfortable sitting position. Remember to make your back upright. Make sure that your feet is in contact with the support and your knees are aligned. Shoulders should be relaxed and your chest is open.