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Get exclusive access to great privileges, including discounted courses, resources, inspiration, online classes, webinars, challenges and more. Plus you’ll also get to be part of an inspired learning community!



As an InSync BML member you can get access to a great range of tools and resources, including online meditation, mindful movement an yoga classes and so much more.


Inspiration stirs our spirit and can lift us when we’re down. That’s why we’ve created a section on our website to help you access and share inspiration whenever you want. Whether it’s an inspiring quote, image, video or text it’s all there for you to access!


As an InSync BML member you also get access to live webinars on a variety of topics. Everything from empowered living, healing and relationship tips to advice and support on skillfully handling challenges in your life. You will also get access to our databank of past webinars.


Nothing like a good challenge to get you going! So we’ve created a number of fun and interactive challenges for you to do. Whether it’s a 21 day wellbeing and weight-loss challenge, a yoga challegne or a 7 or 12 day mindfulness challenge, you’ll be sure to find something that inspires and motivates you!


As a member you get discounted prices on courses and other products and materials to help with your learning and evolution. You’ll also get special offers and promotions that aren’t available to non-members.


Connecting with others can be a great way to support, be supported and learn from their experience. There’s nothing as powerful as connection. Share, connect and celebrate with others. 


Brigitte Vasils

The InSync course was great. It really helped me learn more about my body and how to better deal with my anxiety. It has made me feel a lot better in my mind, body and life.

Sam Barnier

The InSync course taught me skills that I could apply to my daily life. The structure was really good and I like that there was no pressure to perform in any way. I could go at my own pace. I can really see a positive difference in my life after doing the course.

Jathan Hudson

I found the InSync Meditation course to be an eye-opening experience. It made me able to take a step back and realise that I could really do with some relaxation and relief. The structure and content of the course was really good. It was in-depth but delivered in a way that anyone could understand.

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