Lesson 11 – Learning and reflections

Learning and reflections

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  • Learning and reflections

  • Learning to Hug Yourself

    As we've seen, improving our relationship with our self is the basis of overcoming all anxiety and fear. Let's be proactive and see if we can identify what we resist, don't like, and don't want in relation to our self - that means our body and mind. Brainstorm and just be as creative as you can.
  • Hugging your Individual Life

  • Learning to Hug Life

  • Mature, wise living

    What we've been doing is scanning all the areas of our life to identify areas that need healing. It's important to understand that being fully at home in life doesn't mean you like everything in life. You'll still have your preferences. However, you understand and accept life as it happens. Right now, you don't have to like your anxiety or fear, you just need to accept your current situation and work from there.
  • Wise action

    The wisest and most mature humans through time understand life from this awareness and do everything they can to bring love, understanding, and peace to any of the difficult situations. They understand for example, that someone being violent is a result of pain that they have been unable to digest due to a very strong, not good enough pattern underlying it. They don't judge the person. They naturally want to prevent them causing harm to themselves or anyone else. Love is able to embrace everything.
  • Take action to open up to life!

    You have now identified what you don't like or don't want related to the three categories: 1) yourself, 2) your individual life, 3) Life.
  • Start small and build up

    It is better to start with the smaller dislikes and once you've got some momentum with opening up to these, then move towards the ones that are progressively stronger. Remember, with everything we resist or dislike, we have just learned to judge it in this way. However, there are so many other ways to look at it. Ideally, we want to be free of that judging energy so that we can be more skilful in the way we handle it.
  • Three Healing goals

  • Every time you take a small step towards opening up to anything or anyone, you're opening up to yourself and life. You're starting to hug yourself and life. As a natural consequence, you'll experience more joy and flow in your life. Put your three goals onto your Action focus agenda.
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