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  1. Experience the soothing and settling effects of Ayurvedic self-massage

A wonderful way to soothe, settle and nourish your body and mind is with a soothing massage. It is also very helpful to learn how to do an Ayurvedic self massage. It can help settle the air and space elements which are way too active when we are unsettled, restless or anxious.

We can use various quality oils however cold pressed black sesame oil is one of the best options. If you are feeling hot use coconut oil.

Find your preferred way to ensure the oil is very warm to hot when you apply it to your body. You need a warm space where you can comfortably be naked and either sit on a stool or stand while you massage your body.

For an extra settling effect keep the oil on as long as you can. If you do it before bedtime and you can be warm enough there is an option to wear old pyjamas, socks and a beanie to bed to increase the settling effect.

View a demonstration of one way to approach this self massage at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_HQLsfZh5js and for some extra helpful information


2. Helpful herbs for anxiety

Both Insync earth and water herbal tea combinations provide excellent support.

There are a range of other herbs that are often recommended including:

  • Passionflower
  • Ashwagandha
  • Brahmi
  • Gota kola
  • Ginkgo bilboa
  • Valerian root
  • Scullcap
  • Valerian
  • St. John’s wort
  • Mulungu

Speak to your health professional or herbalist for specific advice on what will work best for you.


3. Harness the power of aroma with Essential oils

Options include:

  1. Using an oil burner to promote a soothing fragrance. To balance the air and space elements and settle the system it is better to use sweeter and warmer scents like rose, geranium, cinnamon, clove or other spices. Many people find lavender, lemon balm and orange helpful. If you feel hot, favour jasmine, rose or sandalwood
  2. Placing a few drops of appropriate essential oil on key points on your body including temples and wrists.
  3. Placing your favourite scent on a handkerchief, which you can inhale and enjoy throughout the day, especially when unsettled


4. Take action if there is any shame or guilt hanging around

Held shame and/or guilt will create unsettledness in your mind and body and contribute to anxiety. It is very disempowering.

If you are feeling shame around something take action and find one or two trusted empathetic and non judgmental people to share it with. Perhaps there is a friend, family member or a professional counsellor, therapist or coach who you could arrange to meet and share this with. This will immediately reduce the toxic impact of the held shame.

If you are holding guilt around something you also need to take action. Ask yourself “what I have I done or failed to do that I feel uncomfortable about?”

“What can I do to in any way to apologise or remedy this, change my behaviour or at least learn and grow through this experience?” Take action ASAP.


5. Focus on strengthening and balancing the abdomen energetically and physically

In the InSync Body Mind Life system we understand the power of the mind body connection. Any anxious thoughts immediately active a loss of energy from a primary energy centre in the abdomen associated with our sense of self and empowerment. In this course you will be learning ways to balance and strengthen this energy centre. However if will help you to focus on the general strengthening of your abdomen and core and to develop more curiosity and openness to the sensations that arise here. You will discover that they reveal important information we are in the habit of misunderstanding.


6. Inspiration and Humour

If you want to be inspired by a man who overcame a fear to triumph in big wave surfing check out the interview with Garrett McNamara a surfer of a world record 100 foot wave.

After a big wipeout early in his life he would only surf small waves and avoided any over 6 foot. Hear him describe how he brought about this change and discovered the power of Now.


Laird Hamilton is another big wave surfer who has learnt so much about life through understanding the ocean.

He has pushed the limits so often and says he nearly drowned hundreds of times. He found the best way through the most difficult times in the surf and in life is to

“Be still and submit”- afterwards “you will normally have greater control.”


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