Awakening your Empowered Self – Lesson 13 Learning and Reflections

Learning & Reflections

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You may have gained a very good sense of what has shaped your anxiety and fear patterns or you may still be trying to clarify that.

In the coming lessons, you will be introduced to highly effective empowerment practices for healing the building blocks of your anxiety and fear.

However, before we go there it would be good to understand yourself even more and get a strong sense of your capacities to deal with challenge and your ability to move forward.

Recognise your strengths and capacities

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for this following exercise:

Try and relate to your earliest self in a way you would relate to a child for whom you love and care deeply. You want to do everything you can to lovingly support them.

Go back to your learnings and reflections from Lesson 1. Read your responses to the questions several times. Feel your strengths and capacities.

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